Expanding on the GET_ROOM_XXX macros

From: John Evans (evansj@DATAWEST.NET)
Date: 06/04/98

I spotted the GET_ROOM_VNUM() macro while hand patching in bp12->bpl13
(AAAHHHH!!!!!) and decided that a GET_ROOM_NAME()  macro would fit nicely.
There are probably some others that could be made, but I'm too tired to
think of them at the moment.

Anyway, perhaps add this to bpl14?

#define GET_ROOM_NAME(rnum) \
        ((rnum) >= 0 && (rnum) <= top_of_world ? \
         world[(rnum)].name : "NoWhere")

and, of course, replace all of the world[XXX].name calls with:

*plink* *plink*

PS: For those that care. My web address will not be changing thanks to a
deal that I struck today. (Yeah!)

PPS: I really hate MS's web server. Apache is the only way to go!!

John Evans <evansj@datawest.net>
http://www.hi-line.net/~evansj/              telnet://spear.gator.net:1066

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
--Arthur C. Clarke

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