docs on adding new skills

From: Anthony Rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 06/05/98

 I was wondering if there is any docs out there on how to do new skills. I
have the docs on adding spells , but is there one for skills?
 if so could someone send them to me or direct me in a place to get them?
Well any how here was an idea i had for thieves :

ACMD (do_stun)
 if (GET_CLASS(ch) == (CLASS_THIEF(ch);
  if (GET_SKILL(ch) == (SKILL_STUN(ch);
    GET_CLASS(ch) && GET_SKILL(ch);

ok i am still not done my own code yet (honestly) but i am trying to
learn. But the thing i am trying for here is making it so when the thief
stuns a player or mob it get the POS_STUNNED and have it get a default
duration. I know the above may be incomplete and wrong, but its the idea
that counts right? well if there is any flames please send them to me
personaly and not the list. Oh if anyone has any ideas how to maybe do
this could you please post it? thanks

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