Re: Max_hit/Mana/Mv/Damroll/Hitroll/etc...

From: Leonard Burns IV (lburns@CLIPPER.NET)
Date: 06/06/98

Quinn ShadowStalker wrote:

> Ok ive looked everyone in the code, and I dont really understand how to
> change the max amount of the following Max_hit/Mana/Mv/Damroll/Hitroll,
> like I see longs and ints and sbytes, but still, if I change them it wont
> compile, could someone tell me where I have to go to change them, and what
> I have to do, thanks for your time.

Coming from a Ex-newbie coder, not to flame, but if you don't understand how
to change variable types like an int to a long then you need to put the MUD
away and pull out some Learn to Program C books. In my first book I bought, in
chapter one it explained chars, ints, longs, floats, and double longs.

And to the mud not compiling you need to go change the corresponding
conversion characters throughout the mud for each amount you want to change,
like from an int and %d to long int and %ld. And in my opinion a long int
should be plenty for Hps, Mana, Moves, Dam, and to Hit.


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