Re: [DG][Compile Problem]

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 06/07/98

> I've suggested, for no specific reason, that windows users replace >this with '\005'  (and, I admit, I've no idea what character \e >resolves to.

Lo again:

Thank you for the fix, it works.  As to what \e resolves to, shrug, even
3 unix coders i know have never even heard of this nor do their
compilers support it. (don't really care either)

Thanks for explaining what it was used for, even though i was pretty
sure of what it was for to begin with, i just didn't know if it had to
be a certain char or not later in the code or something.


a few days ago i mentioned a credit's addendum to circle.  For those of
you who read the idea, I have a question on how it might be done. I have
decided that i am gonna fool with it and actually release this...but i
want some opinions first.  Major opinion being to make the credits a
hardcoded thing like in config.c or to make it a separate file like all
the other text in the mud like boards/motd/etc.  I see benefits in both
and also problems with both.  What concerns me with the hardcoded idea
is the fact that it'll take up more memory?  Well, ok, first let me

For the separate text idea i thought of making a config.c statement that
allowed it to load or not, and if so, if it would load on demand or load
at the beginning of the game one time.  I thought maybe since credits
prolly won't be the hottest thing the morts want to look at, that the
credits file could be loaded when somebody wishes to see them (yes i
know there will be a pause).

Well, gimme feedback and stuff as I am curious how these other minds out
there would like this done.

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