Re: DG-scripts, comm.h sigfunc error

From: d. hall (dhall@WARK.OOI.NET)
Date: 06/09/98

>>>>> thus on Tue, 9 Jun 1998 16:18:36 -0400, Del wrote:

> Parse error usually means one is missing. (from what I have learned
> without a stupid C book)

> also, if you include a the section of code that has that error,
> like lines 38 - 45 it usually helps everyone tell you what is wrong.

> Mark Gerritsen wrote:

>> In file included from comm.c:47:
>> comm.h:41: parse error before `sigfunc'
>> comm.h:41: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
>> <it goes on, but it's prolly all related to these two lines>

Actually it could something as simple as sigfunc not being defined.  Are
all the proper include files being included.


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