A new idea

From: Anthony Rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 06/09/98

Well here is my idea:
I have been on tons of muds whether building for it or playing on it
so i have alot of playtesting experience. The thing i find is that alot of
muds have some similiar rules and some not, but its all in a command such
as policies, rules, etc.... Well there are the same people out there just
like me who think or have thought well i know the rule i dont need to read
them. Then come to find out the rules very. so enuf rambling....
 I would like to code this myself, but unfortunitly i am not that advanced
 i was thinking of making a newbie start room (other than the newbie zone)
to where the newbie cant leave this room till they read the rules, polices
and credits along with any other file you would like them to read.

 Ok i know your all wondering and saying "wow thats a good idea, but what
about those people that are on regular make a new character to play?"
 well here is the rest of the idea , to do a site check before loading
them into this special little room, and if the regular player is using
another site, well i guess tough for them.
 so if anyone likes this idea and wants to code it, More Power To YA, all
i ask is credit for the idea. and maybe a copy of the code :P
(Send All Flames to Me Personaly) dont spam the list please.

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