Re: A new idea

From: Ron Cole (rcole@SHELL.EZY.NET)
Date: 06/09/98

>  Ok i know your all wondering and saying "wow thats a good idea, but what
> about those people that are on regular make a new character to play?"
>  well here is the rest of the idea , to do a site check before loading
> them into this special little room, and if the regular player is using
> another site, well i guess tough for them.
>  so if anyone likes this idea and wants to code it, More Power To YA, all
> i ask is credit for the idea. and maybe a copy of the code :P
> (Send All Flames to Me Personaly) dont spam the list please.
> -WhiteDemon

Build several sets of rooms where the room description is a question, and
the exits are multiple choice answers.  New players have to navigate the
maze before they can enter the world.  Old players will already know the
answers and will be able to move quickly enough.  You should probably have
several sets of these to make it harder to get directions.  Use of portal
type objects will save you quite a few rooms, as you won't need a
different room for each possible answer.  With mob progs, other variations
are possible.  You could wonder around and collect 10 right answers to
give to the guard at the end, etc.


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