[CODE][Dunno What the hell is wrong] SpecProc Crashing

From: Quinn ShadowStalker (quinn@MUD.COMSYS.NET)
Date: 06/09/98

ok I wrote a specproc and it works fun except that if a player is switched
into a mob or is in the zone the mud crashes, any ideas why, here is the
nuke part of it.

int nuke_room;                 /* the center of the explosion */
static bool nstart = FALSE;
static bool nestart = FALSE;
static bool nuse = FALSE;
static bool phase2 = FALSE;
int j, indi, ind, iphase2;         /* j*5 is the number of seconds till
the explosion */
int radius[210];               /* rooms where damage took place */
int inds[12];                              /* indexes for different
radiuses */

void die(struct char_data * ch);

void nuke_die(struct char_data * vch)
  sprintf(buf, "You are hit by a Nuclear Strike...sucks to be you\r\n");
  send_to_char(buf, vch);
  sprintf(buf,"You are dead! Haha...\r\n");
  send_to_char(buf, vch);
  sprintf(buf, "%s was wiped off the earth by a nuclear strike.",
  mudlog(buf, BRF, LVL_IMMORT, TRUE);
  GET_HIT(vch) = -10;

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