Re: Oedit crash

From: John Woods (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 06/10/98

In a message dated 98-06-10 00:58:37 EDT, raventhorne@YAHOO.COM writes:

<< Oedit is driving me nuts... it seems to crash the mud when certain
 people type oedit save, but not others. The code looks fine to me, I
 added some sanity checking but it still keeps crashing. Anyone have
 similar problems with "oedit save" crashing the mud? If anyone can
 give me a hand I'd sure appreciate it :)

Hey Andy...hope ya don't mind me doing this, but I have first-hand experience
with the problem since I'm a builder on yer MUD... :-P
It's not really when certain people do oedit's only for two specific
zones. Or actually one, since the other guy got annoyed and deleted his object
files... OEDIT SAVE 52 and when set to 52 for OLC, OEDIT SAVE both crash the
MUD, but /not/ OEDIT SAVE in zone 50 with the same builder-name. So doesn't
matter which player types only happens in certain zones.

Area & Design, Renegade Knights

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