[Cool Bug] [Stock Circle]

From: Xavier Pietsch (Tym_Lord@BIGFOOT.COM)
Date: 06/10/98

Hehe this ones pretty cool, get three implementors on...
first 1 set second 1 down by one level then snoop him
second one set third 1 down by one level then snoop
after imp 1 relevels imp 2....now
third imp after 2nd imp relevels him, delevels
1st imp....hehe now heres the fun part
type snoop first imps name....get ready for
spam city now......heheh

Well quick fix on it...you should do something like
with following......like circle_snoop()
that will fix this problem, if you really wanna call
it that.....cause if you as an imp find this accidently
you have got some serious trust problems......

- Tym

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