Newbie Coders + Full Body Wear Positions

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 06/13/98

To those of you new to coding I have a few suggestions. First,
CircleMUD code is very basic C. I mean the first 3 or 4
chapters of any C book would help you tremendously. As with
any level of programmer, the key is to study the code and see
the flow of things and study the data structures and what not.
When I was first starting with CircleMUD, I used to ask a friend
of mine who had coded C since it was first introduced and even
he could not 'instantly' decipher the Circle code without getting
more in depth. But in general, except for maybe the socket handling
stuff, CircleMUD is very entry-level code. Start with main() and
follow the code on down. I guanratee if you do this, you will be
well on your way to becoming a great circlemud coder. (If not, then
maybe you do not have the aptitude to become a C programmer)

I suggest studying everything in structs.h (below the defines) and
then go thru the code and see how these structures are manipulated.
Study where they are written to perm. storage, study where they are
loaded into memory, and every time you want to implement new code,
look at some code in the stock stuff that does something similiar.

Every new Circlemud coder should become quite familiar with grep.
Also, read the first few chapters of any C book at the very least. A
basic knowledge of storage types, your basic flow control methods,
pointers, and arrays, are very basic concepts and used throughout the
circle code. CircleMUD, as with any project written in C of similiar
size is a good place to develop good programming habits but not a good
place to learn C.

Now, Back to circle:

I want to implement full body armors and other item types that when
prevent eq from being worn in another location. For example, if a player
wears a full suit of plate mail, the cannot then wear something on their
legs and arms. I just wanted some suggestions on how people have done
in their code. I thought about an item flag, like FULL_BODY. and then in
perform_wear or a related function, if the item is flagged , check the
other positions (arms and legs) for eq being worn, and deny. Also the
same scenario in reverse. But after further thought, this seemed
and required more and more code for each new flag. Has anyone come up
a more standarized method of doing something similiar to this?


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