Re: Newbie Coders + Full Body Wear Positions

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 06/13/98

*Snip of some good advice*

> in their code. I thought about an item flag, like FULL_BODY. and then in
> perform_wear or a related function, if the item is flagged , check the
> other positions (arms and legs) for eq being worn, and deny. Also the
> same scenario in reverse. But after further thought, this seemed
> limiting
> and required more and more code for each new flag. Has anyone come up
> with
> a more standarized method of doing something similiar to this?

Been thinking about something like this myself, and the easiest thing I
could come up with was a flag MULTIPLE_POSITION  If this flag was set on
an object, then all of wear positions listed for that obj need to be
empty, and will be filled by this object.

This way you can make full body armor, or anything really, and just have
it be able to be worn on torso, arms, legs, etc.

The only decision to make would be the affects, have the affects added in
for each of the wear_pos' ?

We have different limtis for each wear_pos so this could lead to some
creative MIN() statements, but otherwise shoudl work.

Any other Ideas?

Ghost Shaidan

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