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From: Antioch (jeremy@YAKKO.CS.WMICH.EDU)
Date: 06/13/98

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Stephen Wolfe wrote:

- No. The list is a forum to exchange ideas for developement of
- CircleMUDs (or MUDs in general). If sometimes people ask for help to
- expand upon some ideas, or if people are having trouble with someone
- else's code (or idea), then they will usually be helped. But every post
- you have sent to the list about code that you (supposedly) wrote were
- simply asking for others to think for you, or code your MUD for you.
- Learn to code. If you have a problem try to give useful information (like
- a coredump), and avoid asking questions like: 'My MUD crashes..What's
- wrong?'

  I couldn't agree more.  I find it difficult to understand how you can
submit code for others to use, yet don't understand the concept of passing
parameters.  I believe there's a newbie list out there for those who have
no programming experience or who are just too lazy to think their problems
out with logic.  I suggest you submit your code requests there and
restrict your use of this list to queries of a developmental or advanced
implementional nature.


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