Ascii pfiles 2.0b released

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 06/13/98

It's done, and a day ahead of schedule.  Someone owes me a beer.


Currently in incoming at, but will probably go in
contrib/code or something logical later.

From the readme:

This is the ascii pfile mod system, version 2.0b.  This release has not
been bug-checked very thoroughly and is intended to be a preview only.
I think it works fine for the most part, although I don't expect it to be
very portable.  With your help and comments I hope to iron out al the
wrinkles so I can move on to asci object files.

This patch is based on Circle 3.0pl13a, and should work fine on pl13 also.
It was developed under pl12, but this patch won't work with pl12.  Contact
me for a pl12 patch if you need it.

There are a lot of changes in version 2.0.

Bugfixes include:
* Fixed problems with affects and skills in load_char()
* Fixed description loading
* Allowed for startup with no pfiles
* Fixed set file
* Added missing fclose to load_char
* Stripped ^M's from descriptions
* Allowed for missing or empty pfiles
* Fixed duplicate idnum problem
* Tilde security problem removed
* Other small forgettable fixes

New features include:
* Conversion to file buffering IO format (for binary-speed disk operations)
* PLayer deletion has provisions for removing their associated files
* Added an automated pfile cleaner with option to save pfile backups
* Removed struct char_file_u from the code
* pfdefaults.h file allows for tweaking the size of the pfiles
* Aliases and poofs save in pfile (compile option)

This code should work under all AT&T variants of unix (including linux),
although only linux has been tested.  Check the PORTING file for info on
getting it to work under other OS's.


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