Re: Ascii pfiles 2.0b released

From: Ryan Guthrie--Sim (circle@DKMUD.DK)
Date: 06/15/98

Has anyone got this to work completely yet?  I got it to patch in cleanly
and i did a hand patch(which isn't fun at all).  Anyways neither times did
it work.  I don't want help fixing it but i would like to visit a mud that
has it working and talk to the coder...Respond to me not the list.

On Sat, 13 Jun 1998, Sammy wrote:

> It's done, and a day ahead of schedule.  Someone owes me a beer.
> Files:
> ascii_pfiles-2.0b.tar.gz
> ascii_pfiles-2.0b.readme
> Currently in incoming at, but will probably go in
> contrib/code or something logical later.
> >From the readme:
> This is the ascii pfile mod system, version 2.0b.  This release has not
> been bug-checked very thoroughly and is intended to be a preview only.
> I think it works fine for the most part, although I don't expect it to be
> very portable.  With your help and comments I hope to iron out al the
> wrinkles so I can move on to asci object files.
> This patch is based on Circle 3.0pl13a, and should work fine on pl13 also.
> It was developed under pl12, but this patch won't work with pl12.  Contact
> me for a pl12 patch if you need it.
> There are a lot of changes in version 2.0.
> Bugfixes include:
> * Fixed problems with affects and skills in load_char()
> * Fixed description loading
> * Allowed for startup with no pfiles
> * Fixed set file
> * Added missing fclose to load_char
> * Stripped ^M's from descriptions
> * Allowed for missing or empty pfiles
> * Fixed duplicate idnum problem
> * Tilde security problem removed
> * Other small forgettable fixes
> New features include:
> * Conversion to file buffering IO format (for binary-speed disk operations)
> * PLayer deletion has provisions for removing their associated files
> * Added an automated pfile cleaner with option to save pfile backups
> * Removed struct char_file_u from the code
> * pfdefaults.h file allows for tweaking the size of the pfiles
> * Aliases and poofs save in pfile (compile option)
> This code should work under all AT&T variants of unix (including linux),
> although only linux has been tested.  Check the PORTING file for info on
> getting it to work under other OS's.
> Sam
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