Re: [OFFTOPIC] Attitudes

From: Leonardo Herrera (leherrer@ENTELCHILE.NET)
Date: 06/13/98

John Woods wrote:
> In a message dated 98-06-12 21:56:28 EDT, quinn@MUD.COMSYS.NET writes:
> << Ok, I know Im the not the greatest coder in the world, and at times I ask
>  for help, but recently when I have all Ive gotten are "Go get a book
>  idiot" or "I dunno whats wrong you tell us newbie" like really isnt this
>  list to HELP people like myself, is it not? >>
> I hate to admit it, but I just realized he's right.

Hum.  From the CircleMUD mailing list:

"The CircleMUD mailing list is for CircleMUD implementors and
administrators to gather together to discuss coding techniques, ideas,
methods, and solutions, as well as other CircleMUD related discussions
such as lib related items (the world, help files, etc), changes needed
for Operating Systems, bugs and problems, and so forth." (sic)

Several times in this list I have read about if CircleMUD is a good
learning tool. Most of times the answer is no. Decide yourself.

Have a nice day.
Leonardo Herrera L.
  "Me voy a subai, me voy a costai, me voy a tapai y
me voy a hacei tuto."
        -- Ruy

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