Using player awards and honors etc..

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 06/13/98

I am going to have different 'adwards', honors, and achievements
that players can earn, similiar to the titles brave men earned
in midievel times. I want to use these throughout the game for
various things such as discounts and shops, entrance to special
inns and taverns and other stuff like that.

My question is, would it be best add another bitvector slot to
the player file and store these that way? (I am using 128 bit
vectors so this would leave me with plenty of slots)

Just curious if anyone else has done somthing similiar?

Also, just throwing around some more ideas, does anyone see any major
problems with such an idea as this:

Instead of having one description field for each exit use three.

This way if the exit is a door and it is closed, they see something

You see a closed door.

If the exit is a door and it is opened they see this:

Through the open door you can see a dirt path. (provided they can see
in that room)

Then if there is an exit but no door:

You can see a dirt path.

Something to that effect, it would require a shitload of world file
conversions but I think it would add to the game a good bit.

I really admire the LPmuds ability to display different room
based on various checks. (for exmaple, the shopkeeper is lying there
dead, a
room description would be displayed that described this)

Thanks for any suggestions,

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