Re: [Newbie] Strength & Cleric Restrict

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 06/13/98

>         I figured I would add a little something here for those of you who really
> don't have any interest in the change. Though I am not doing a D&D based
> theme, I do like the idea of Clerics not being able to use "bladed"
> weapons. I have changed this in my mud so that if a Cleric tries to wield a
> sword, or some other type of bladed weapon that it gives them a nice little
> message and prevents them from wielding it. Now, a lot of players are not
> very keen on this idea. I was just wondering if anyone has placed this type
> of restriction on a class, and what their reeasoning was behind it. Please
> email me directly to avoid spamming the list, unless you feel that others
> would be interested.

I took this a step farther.  I replaced all of the !CLASS flags with
CCLASS_ONLY flags, just for those special items like I have placed on
guild guards and masters.  (multiple class only flags are possible for
those that want to cover all spell casting class for example).

I added some new object flags, EDGED, NOCAST, SHINY NOSIY, HEAVY and a
couple others for racial abilities (NOCLAW NOMINOTAUR NOSPITBITE).

Nocast is for metal armor, and other anti-magic type things

edged is for clerics ( I figure the edict from the god is to not shed
blood, so a huge spiked or bladed shield might cause displeasure there

Shiny affects hiding

Noisy affects sneaking.

Heavy affects backstab and circle and steal, and a couple other dex based

to compliment the 1st 5 I put in 5 values in the pfile with the same name.
then I have 2 switches in handler.c that assign #'s to these pfile values
based on the wearpos of the item.

when a cleric casts it checks the value for edged, and does a % check.
same for mages and nocast, sneakers and noisy, hiders and shiny.

I have a couple of skills and spells to afect this a bit.

It is a pain to go through and reflag everything, but adds a bit more
realism (imho) to the game.  Lets anyone wear anything if they can
live with the consequences.

Ghost Shaidan 4000

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