Re: Can you see how this can be abused?

From: John Evans (evansj@DATAWEST.NET)
Date: 06/13/98

On Sun, 14 Jun 1998, Chuck Carson wrote:

> To enter this zone the player enters the 'ooc' command and they are
> transfered to the 'OOC' zone. The enter 'looc' to go back to their
> original position. Also, they can only enter the OOC zone from a select
> few rooms in the game that are flagged ROOM_IOOC.

If the person has just killed/stolen from another player, or has a mob
hunting them, then the person can hop into OOC and avoid retribution
(seems to me that most OOC rooms would be nokill and safe). They could sit
there for hours on end and eventually the players hunting them would go
away or the mob hunting them would be killed by someone else.

> In the command I do the usual checks, see if they are fighting, see if
> their
> position is POS_STANDING, and all that. I then set the player's loadroom
> to
> the room they initiate the command in. I then do a save_char. Then the
> usual
> transfer code. In the OOC Zone the rooms are all !MAGIC and all that
> mumbojumbo.

Make sure that they are not poisoned, diseased or afflicted with anything
else that is detrimental. Would be an easy way out of poison. Just go OOC
until the spell wears off. Then again, maybe make it so that spell timers
are not counted down while in OOC.

> Does anyone see a way this system can be abused? I was thinking of
> suspending
> hit/move/mana gain and etc.. while in the zone but I feel this would
> discourage
> use of the zone. Is there a way players can use this system to change

Making regen null and void would be a good idea.

> and players standpoint. As you can obviously see, I am slanting towards
> a heavy
> RP based game (with strict AD&&D standards).

*laugh* That's a good one! Been a while since I've seen someone seriously
state that AD&D is RP. Hehe... Oh.. Sorry. I'll get ahold of myself. When
it comes to RPin, there are many more games out there that do a better
job. AD&D is more roll-playing than role-playing.

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