Can you see how this can be abused?

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 06/13/98

I am working on a system where all 'Out of Character' interaction
such as message boards, mudmail, and things of that nature are only
found in a specified zone. Okay.

To enter this zone the player enters the 'ooc' command and they are
transfered to the 'OOC' zone. The enter 'looc' to go back to their
original position. Also, they can only enter the OOC zone from a select
few rooms in the game that are flagged ROOM_IOOC.

In the command I do the usual checks, see if they are fighting, see if
position is POS_STANDING, and all that. I then set the player's loadroom
the room they initiate the command in. I then do a save_char. Then the
transfer code. In the OOC Zone the rooms are all !MAGIC and all that

Does anyone see a way this system can be abused? I was thinking of
hit/move/mana gain and etc.. while in the zone but I feel this would
use of the zone. Is there a way players can use this system to change
there load
rooms or anything like that? I was also toying with the idea of having
tokens and every entrance into the zone requires one. But once again, I
feel this
would discourage use of the zone.

My main goal here is to move all non-realistic OOC stuff into a limited
Tells will not be available in the normal zones (only through telepathy
magical means). The 'who' listing will only be available in this zone. I
still contemplating the extent at which I will limit communication in
the zone
but this is my starting point. What are your suggestions both from both
a coders
and players standpoint. As you can obviously see, I am slanting towards
a heavy
RP based game (with strict AD&&D standards).

Thanks for any help,

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