Re: More On SpecProcs

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 06/13/98

Quinn ShadowStalker wrote:
> Ok as you suggested Ive taken the liberity of going out and buying a C/C++
> book, also Ive got a few questions, ok, now to give you what is sapposed
> to happen.
> Player enteers mutation chmaber, puts the objects in the box, closes it,
> and the process begins.  After the process is finished it should set them
> to PLR_MUTANT, and add 500hp, mv, and mana to their current MAXHIT, etc...
> now this is what I have for what happens after, but it doesnt seem to
> work, any ideas why?
>                                 SET_BIT(PLR_FLAGS(ch), PLR_MUTANT);
>                                 GET_MAX_MANA(ch) += 500
>                                 GET_MAX_HIT(ch) += 500
>                                 GET_MAX_MOVE(ch) += 500

Is ch defined and pointing to the intended victim? Post the entire
spec_proc or mail it to
me and I will see what I can do. From what you describe above, it
doesn't sound to cmplicated,
however, you may be looking at it from a players perspective.

Here is what I would do:

%player puts object in box ("put sword box")
Take the object from the PC (obj_from_char)
Take the object from the game (extract_obj)
Send some nifty messages to the PC and the room (send_to_char and act)
Maybe set container as closed (you could either do this directly, or
extract this
container and load a different one)
Start the process (WAIT_STATE)
Manipulate the PC however you want, like you have above.
Send some more nifty messages.

To avoid some confusion, I would not even make the object
you want people to be able to look in it and see the items. I would make
with the above described spec_proc. With good messages the players will
have no idea
the object is not a container. (Unless your version of identify tells
them so)

As for your main problem, I would have to see the complete segment of
code to be of any
further assistance.


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