Re: [OFFTOPIC] Attitudes

From: Christopher Bosdal (nivek@MPINET.NET)
Date: 06/14/98

    Quinn, the problem is not that you are asking for help, but that you are
asking for help on problems for which you have not provided sufficient
information for us to help.  To make an analogy, how would you react if I
asked you to tell me what I am thinking, right now?  Of course, the only hint
I will give you is that it involves politics.
    My suggestion to you is to read the manual page on a program called
"gdb."  From there you should be able to discern how to read a core dump,
which will in turn give you a stack trace, which if you post, we might be able
to help you with its aid.
    Whenever a program crashes under *nix, it'll dump a file out called "core"
or "filename.core" or something along those lines.  The "core" file contains
information on WHY the program crashed, and it can only be read with a
debugger (namely, gdb in this case).

good luck.


Quinn ShadowStalker wrote:

> Ok, I know Im the not the greatest coder in the world, and at times I ask
> for help, but recently when I have all Ive gotten are "Go get a book
> idiot" or "I dunno whats wrong you tell us newbie" like really isnt this
> list to HELP people like myself, is it not?

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