Problem with medit

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 06/14/98

I am crashing with medit() when I try and save a newly created
mob, medit() works fine otherwise. I have made sure each field
was completed. I even placed all non-zero values in each of the
numeric fields, and I cannot figure this one out.

The core points to medit_save_internally (d=81bd298)
with free(mob_index);
(By the way, I do not know what the value in parenthesis means, I
am guessing it is hex???) I am assuming this is a NULL pointer
but I cannot trace it.

I have OLC debugging turned on and also have several of my own
debugging statements inside to track where it is getting to.

The last log entry I get is:
Attempting free. (Which is line 375 in my code)

I am hoping someone has seen this error based on this little amount
of info, I do not want to spam the list with the entire segment. Other
than new flags and what not in structs.h, medit.c is pretty much
unmolested. (Of course I reflected the new flags in olc.h)

I am running bpl12, oasis 1.5, and 128 bits. I have used Oasis pretty
extensive without problems, I guess this one has squeeked by until now.
Needless to say, I cannot track this puppy.

Thanks for any help,

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