Re: Problem with medit

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 06/14/98

On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, Chuck Carson wrote:

>I am crashing with medit() when I try and save a newly created
>mob, medit() works fine otherwise. I have made sure each field
>was completed. I even placed all non-zero values in each of the
>numeric fields, and I cannot figure this one out.

You have a memory overrun somewhere...

>I am running bpl12, oasis 1.5, and 128 bits. I have used Oasis pretty
>extensive without problems, I guess this one has squeeked by until now.
>Needless to say, I cannot track this puppy.

...and/or you should upgrade to bpl13a / Oasis v1.6b.

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