Re: [Code] mud crashing on zone reset

From: Robert Rossow (rossow@ZIANET.COM)
Date: 06/15/98

ummm i am a little new to this list but i think you might want to do the
loop as normal and then right after the for statement add the -1 checking.
i dont know if this will help but i always think that the easy way is the
best way
so your for statement (i think look like this)

for(i=1; i > -1;i++)
        if (array[i] == -1)

then agian i must might be going insane like i am normaly.
                Robert A Rossow
        AKA Zorn

>object with negative number. (I'm using code to
>load a list of objects, terminating the list with
>a -1)
>However, the for loop is standard..
>for(i=1;if array[i] != -1;i++)

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