Re: Wilderness

From: Carlo Mocci (mocci@TIN.IT)
Date: 06/15/98

At 22.47 15/06/98 +0200, you wrote:
>I' m thinking about adding the wilderness system to my circle2.2 mud,
>and i know it's not an easy task.
>Has anyone already written something about it?
>I haven't found any snippet or patch , so if anyone could give me some
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I've added a complex wilderness system to my MUD, and it wasn't an easy
task. This for I wanted to add something that could be easily expandable,
for using with clan wars. I based my system on the advices of Sammy, in an
excellent message that you can find on the archive of this mailing list.
Our MUD with wilderness will open in Beta this Friday at 22.00 Europe time,
more or less. Now it is open, but it is the old version of the code,
without wilderness.
I can't make a patch, for our code is very modified and a patch would
require me a lot of time (exams right now in Italy ;-)   ). But I can give
you some advice.

The former coder of Duris (sorry I can't remember his name) is making a
revolutionary system on his MUD... al the MUD is pratically a wilderness...
You can find his message on the archive too.

Hope to see you on Dalila MUD after friday

Carlo Mocci aka KABIR
Coder of Dalila MUD 4000

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