Re: Wilderness System, Was:'heavily modified'

From: Eduo (eduo@CIATEQ.MX)
Date: 06/16/98

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Carlo Mocci wrote:

> Our MUD is (for me) an heavily modified one, in that we have introduced
> an original wilderness system, with many new commands in it, added
> online editor for the wilderness and we are starting to program clan
> wars based on the clan patch and our wilderness system.  What about you
> ?

If only the wilderness has been added then I'd say that it is "mildly

Anyway, my question: I really don't know what is implied by a wilderness
system. Could someone explain this to me (I guess the name comes from some
Mud or other that implemented the system and then it is called that way),
I was trying to deduct what it meant but now I see references to clans
having to do with the wilderness and I am completely lost.


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