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From: mike! (claywar@RJSONLINE.NET)
Date: 06/16/98

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Doppleganger Software wrote:

> Unfortunately, that is exactly what a lot of CircleMUD builders think it
> means.  That is why Circle has obtained the 'stock stigma'  That's why
> the SPOOC organization, to help promote non-stock CircleMUD's, that
> aren't just snippets added in.  As long as it isn't an 'anti-stock'
> system, it will be appropriate.  We need something to separate the stocks
> from the originals.  If someone wants to play on a stock Circle, let
> them, but those looking for original ones are having a hard time finding
> them.

Ok, its about time I threw in my .02... First about the heavily modified
advertisements.  How many people do you know would advertise their mud as
"fresh stock!" ?  I mean think about it.  People are going to try anything
to get people to come to their mud; then they leave when they find nothing
they like.  If the player likes what little features they have, then they
will stay.  Yes, I don't agree that they should do it, but if someone else
wants to play it then power to them.  I've ran Morgaelin in excess of
three years and have never seen a player base of greater than five.  I
have plenty of modifications of my own, but others may not like what I

Now the other item on my list of quirks is the people calling for newbie
mailing lists.  Now from what I understand, this list would have people
helping newbies... who?  Most of the people calling for a list want the
newbies out of here!  So you then divide the newbies from the experienced
"elite" and then you have one group progressing, while the other group
stagnates.  Granted eventually the newbies will most likely figure
something out (no offense, this is in your defense!)  but does it really
take another list to get someone to think on their own?  Throwing animals
in a cage in most instances will not teach them to hunt in the wild, of
course nor will spoon feeding them food!

Bottom line: THINK!  I've been on this list for awhile and haven't posted
much.  Does that mean that I haven't had problems?  Nope, I've had plenty,
its just that I look at other peoples mistakes and apply <-- them.

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Faras@Morgaelin ::

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