Very Strange Results on an Alpha

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 06/16/98


I am using pl12 woth 128 bit vectors.

I have 34 PRF's defined as so:

#define PRF_BRIEF               0
#define PRF_DISP_MAXEMOVE       31
#define PRF_DISP_MAXMANA        32
#define PRF_DISP_VIS            33

All flags work except 31. If I try and use it like in
an if statement, I get warning, always evaluates to 0.

Okay. If I change it to:
#define PRF_DONOTSET            31
#define PRF_DISP_MAXEMOVE       32
#define PRF_DISP_MAXMANA        33
#define PRF_DISP_VIS            34

Everything works fine.... All the other arrays of bitvectors
seem to work well.

Anyone have any ideas??


p.s. See earlier post for compiler version and other info

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