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From: Matt McLaughlin (mattm@SATYRS.ENGR.CSUFRESNO.EDU)
Date: 06/17/98

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Doppleganger Software wrote:

> >So, is your MUD really an heavily modified one ? What have you done for
> >justifying this statement ?
> I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you.  :)  Seriously, half my
> immortals don't even know what all the non-stock stuff is.  To give you a
> few indications, I've had to re-build the room, object and mob files 6
> times adding all the new bitvectors (I have ITEM2_, MOB2_, ROOM2_, AF2_,
> AF3_, & AF4_ bitvectors) and may be adding more.  All of the new flags
> are functional,

  Sounds like you just added on to the structures of the EXISTING
circlemud base.  Thats really not heavily modified.  Thats just heavily
cut & paste.

> plus there are approximately 200 more spells/skills (most
> of them are based off the new affects, but a lot are manuals too)

  Ohh.. so how many MAG_DAMAGE spells we talkin.. 100.. thats real
smooth.  Yea those manual ones are cool.. especially when you get somethin
like a skill, where you can throw a grenade and have to pull the pin
first, or have a rocket launcher than can fire xxx rooms away.
  (c) Bio-Hazard MUD.

> The character creation system is completely re-done (that's easy to see when
> you log on) and there are lots of races with unique abilities that are
> not just simply affects.

  You wanta know what makes character creation non-stock.. is to basically
do away it it or make it somethin nobody has ever seen before.  Im not
talkin about moving the cases around in the switch() cause thats totally
stock.. but im talkin somethin where a client is optional to make it
graphical or better yet, none at all.  Have some sort of shop that does
that crap for you.

>  I have implants (as in cybernetics) as well as more item types than I
> care to count.

  Yea.. Soon as Thunderdome had that idea say around 1994 I had my own
version of it..  And my buddy did too, because we wrote it.  Thats
not saying much.. and will probably explain why you have so many aff_flags
or item_flags in your structs.

> Very little of my MUD is tick based, most of it has been re-done to follow
> the DG events system, even spells.

  Ohh not tick based.. id like to see how you pulse your mud.  I have
designed a nice little ticker than is say accurate up to about 30 minutes
until at which at that time i gave up checking to see if it missed a
pulse.  Course if you really want to be non-stock.. do it in a language
other than standard c.

How can a game like that not be tick based and expected to do anything.

Ohh DG scripts... sounds like a snippit.  I thought DG scripts were event
based, and worked off a tick based mud.  Just a waste of code if you
can program objs and have them que when you want them to using your 'tick
based system'.  lol

> Every single snippet I put in (even ones I released) have been
> modified as to be almost unrecognizable (I can't very well give everyone
> ALL my best code, now can I?  :)  I could go on and on, but it took me
> about 3k to list all the changes to my immortals about 3 months ago, let
> alone now ;)

  Nice of you to release snippits to the newbies who would be appreciative
of your work.  I think i went on for like 4 years programming a mud, and
never documented anything.  Guess that solves the problem of bitching
about documentation, and how its aaaaahhh so painstakely tidous.

> Oh yeah, not a single stock zone left.

You should be proud..  Now write a new database driver, and format, and
you should have it made!  *snicker*

> ---
> "One hundred years from now, none of this will matter because you and I
> will be dead -- unless the Grim Reaper has switched his record-keeping to
> a Windows 95-based system, in which case we all might live forever. "
> -- Associated Press

  Yea i definatly will be dead, but if the Grim Reaper was to use a
Winblows 95 system, he would have a lot of down time, and probably wouldnt
know what to do when it locks up on him anyway.  If a windows kernel was
even half as stable as a *nix system, it might be somewhat decient.  I
still cant get my AGP 3-D Revolution driver to install, without it locking
up my computer.  What a waste of money for a video card.  Could have
bought one that just supported 16 colors and been just as good.

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