Re: 'heavily modified'

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 06/17/98

>  Ohh.. so how many MAG_DAMAGE spells we talkin.. 100.. thats real
>smooth.  Yea those manual ones are cool.. especially when you get somethin
>like a skill, where you can throw a grenade and have to pull the pin
>first, or have a rocket launcher than can fire xxx rooms away.
>  (c) Bio-Hazard MUD.

Actually, I think I only added about 15 more MAG_DAMAGE, and most of
those were conditional, or specific style (ie. turn undead only affect
undead, defoliate only affects plant based creatures, etc.)  Then of
course there's the fun I added by making some spells require components.
:)  Sure, it's built into stock, but it's about bloody time people
started USING it.  About 30 were manual spells, and as I said, MOST were
affects, both room and player.  I really haven't counted it, and I don't
plan to any time soon.  There's also the new spell types that were added
(ranged spells and room affect spells for example)  As to missile
weapons, easily done.  Grenades have been in for quite some time,
although I needed to re-name them bombs to make them more 'open' in the
format, and allow for many more things.  They still can act like
grenades, but this way, they can also act like bombs.

>  You wanta know what makes character creation non-stock.. is to basically
>do away it it or make it somethin nobody has ever seen before.  Im not
>talkin about moving the cases around in the switch() cause thats totally
>stock.. but im talkin somethin where a client is optional to make it
>graphical or better yet, none at all.  Have some sort of shop that does
>that crap for you.

The whole system is point based.  Every one comes in with X number of
points, which they use to by pre-requisites for skills (for now, I'm
calling them talents, but I am hoping to find a better name) as well as
stats.  The idea is that there is nothing random about the characters,
they are all the same power level as they start.  I've also done away
with classes and levels itself (It's a RP MUD)

>  Yea.. Soon as Thunderdome had that idea say around 1994 I had my own
>version of it..  And my buddy did too, because we wrote it.  Thats
>not saying much.. and will probably explain why you have so many aff_flags
>or item_flags in your structs.

Actually, the spells had most of the AFF_flags.  However, a lot of the
implants can do things that spells can.  Of course, as most people who
know sci-fantasy RP-games know, magic and technology tend to be mutually
exclusive.  So, if you wanna have that cool cybernetic implant, forget
about magic.

>  Ohh not tick based.. id like to see how you pulse your mud.  I have
>designed a nice little ticker than is say accurate up to about 30 minutes
>until at which at that time i gave up checking to see if it missed a
>pulse.  Course if you really want to be non-stock.. do it in a language
>other than standard c.

Everything is DG Event based.  Sure, DG Events & Scripts are snippets,
but I've also heavily modified them myself.  So far that I've seen, I'm
the only person who's added new triggers to the DG Scripts (no one has
posted any or sent any to me to put up on the web page)  Also,
considering there is no real example of a DG event yet (as soon as I get
a decent amount of time, I plan on adding some to the web page) a lot of
new coding in itself.  Take a look at Eric Green's DG event code, see how
it works, and you will see where you can eliminate a lot of the tick
based stuff.  Currently, only torches and things that actually DO depend
on the tick pulse are still based off it.  For example, at midnight, all
imms get their restore quota reset.  Since that is minor overhead, that
one gets it.  However, spells are no longer tick based.  If a spell lasts
3 MUD hours, it will end 3 MUD hours after it was cast, not 3 ticks after
it was cast.  I never could stand the spells loosing time just because
they happened to be cast immediately before the tick went off.

>Ohh DG scripts... sounds like a snippit.  I thought DG scripts were event
>based, and worked off a tick based mud.  Just a waste of code if you
>can program objs and have them que when you want them to using your 'tick
>based system'.  lol

Well, actually, DG scripts aren't event based.  They are a scripting
system to allow for more flexibility in objects, rooms and mobs.  They
may be snippets, but think of them like adding a new programming language
to your MUD.  Sure, the original is a snippet, but it's what you DO with
the language that makes the difference.  Someone who just adds the
snippets and leaves them there, is really missing out on a valuable
resource.  I have been able to cut out a few room flags by replacing them
with more flexible scripts.  (for example, I replaced ROOM_PEACEFUL with
a flag that stops combat, but does it in a fun way)

>  Nice of you to release snippits to the newbies who would be appreciative
>of your work.  I think i went on for like 4 years programming a mud, and
>never documented anything.  Guess that solves the problem of bitching
>about documentation, and how its aaaaahhh so painstakely tidous.

If it's not terribly complex, or it's just fun, and not specific to my
world, I would be more than willing to release it.  It's when it
something else that I don't want it released.  I don't mind helping long as they are willing to help themselves.

As to documentation, well, I needed to do that.  I spent about half a
year on a coding bender.  (100% coding, no building unless it was to test
the code)  I never documented a thing I did.  Then my imms asked for a
list of what I'd done, so they could build for it.  I spent the next 3
weeks going over the code, writing down the 2 printed pages of changes I
made in list format.  From that point on, every time I made a change, I
wrote down a note on the list, so I know what I did.  It also helps a bit
in debugging.  If you add 2-3 things, you can go back and see which
feature may have caused the bug.

"One hundred years from now, none of this will matter because you and I
will be dead -- unless the Grim Reaper has switched his record-keeping to
a Windows 95-based system, in which case we all might live forever. "
-- Associated Press

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