Re: [ADMIN] Modification Rating System

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 06/17/98

hmmmm  I personally think a mud with a rating of 5 on your scale (code wise) to
be an excellent mud.  I personally like knowing what the mud will look like and
what the major features are.  It is the little twists that I like.  I recently
found a mud with a great home town.  It is AgeOfChaos.  Same general layout of
midgaard with a couple of added streets.  the best part was that you could find
things as a newbie without bugging the gossip chan, but still be suprised.

The mud I presently develope (for the past 3 years actually) makes heavy use of
modified snippets (I grab a snippet and tweak it) because either I like the idea
and someone coded it before me, or I had a suggestion for it here, or asked
about it on this list.

Snippets are not bad things, just a mud full of only unmodified snippets.
--Angus = Coder of PhoenixMud (the circle version, not the LP)

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Subject:  [ADMIN] Modification Rating System
Date:    6/16/98 10:00 PM

I know that SPOOC basically died, but here is an idea that may work.  How
about a group of say 10-20 CircleMUD coders/players (an even mix of both)
that go to various MUD's and give them a 0-10 rating (0 being right out
of the box, 2 being lots of snippets applied-little to no new stuff, 5
being decently modified with a some snippets-some original, 7 being
heavily modified-very few snippets compared to original, 10 being almost
unrecognizable as CircleMUD without reading login screen) and then
getting the average of everyone who rated the MUD to give an overall
rating (to avoid one person having too much sway)

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