Please read: A place for newbie questions!

From: Jeremy Elson (jelson@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 06/17/98


I realize that the list has been having some problems lately: newbies
want to ask newbie questions (because they have nowhere else to go);
some advanced users want to help newbies, and others don't.  I think I
may have a solution.

JitterBug is a web-based bug-tracking system written by the developers
of Samba.  George and I have been working on setting up two copies
JitterBug for CircleMUD: one to track bug reports (you can reach it by
sending mail to, and one to provide support for
newbies (

The great thing about JitterBug is that we can grant *anyone* access
to the Web-based database of questions and/or bug reports that have
been filed.  So, you can help improve the signal-to-noise ratio on the
list in the following ways:

IF YOU ARE A NEWBIE: Send your questions to instead
of sending them to the list or to me personally.

IF YOU ARE AN EXPERT: and you are willing to donate some time to make
the CircleMUD World a better place, please write to me and I will set
you up with an account so that you can reply, over the web, to
questions that have been sent to  If you
frequently post useful information to the list, please consider
helping us out by monitoring the help database as well, and replying
to messages there!

For now the address of the help database is

Or, if you need help with CircleMUD, send mail to

Again, if you think you are a CircleMUD "power-user" or expert, and
are willing to help newbies, please write to me.  We'll set you up
with an account at the Help Database, thereby allowing you to respond
to the people who wrote to  (Hopefully we'll have
lots of people doing this.)

In the next couple of days I will also be putting out a call for
CircleMUD developers, who will both get access to the Bug Database and
anonymous CVS access to the master source code repository.  (This will
just be a couple of people.)


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