Re: Adding to object Flags, what a hassel

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 06/18/98

> Ok Ive added in !race flags (Ive got 20 races) plus a few others, and they
> all seem to have worked untill I started assigning all the new flags to
> items (i.e. I'd go for !HIGHLANDER and it'd set the MAGIC flag), and I was
> wondering if anyone knew what was wrong and if so could you please offer
> me some asstiance, thanks in advance.

  Did you add the new values to the "constants.c" arrays? if you just
added the #defines in structs.h then you also have to add these in there
so they display correctly. If you created an all new array, make sure you
initilize it correctly in db.c, and that you wrote new functions for
displaying these values correctly from the correct name array -> which
you'll have to create.  If in doubt, just look how the existing anti-class
flags are set up, and duplicate them.

        Remember, you can't have more than 32 flags on a single bitvector.


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