Re: [RELEASE] Wilderness/ASCII Mapping System

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 06/18/98

John Evans <evansj@DATAWEST.NET> writes:

> PS: The following part of your 'license agreement' is very unreasonable.
> > 3) You must credit me on the screen displayed when a user first connects
> >   to whatever mud this code or te ideaas within it are used on.
> If I ever feel like doing something similar and use your idea as a base to
> code from, you'll get an entry in the credits file, but not on my login
> screen. Only the DIKU team and Jeremy Elson have rights to connect screen.
> You might want to think about altering that on items that you release in
> the future.

What a ridiculous requirement.  Unfortunately, though, it is within
his rights to have it.

If you use his code, you have to follow his license.  He owns the
copyright; he can set up whatever requirements he wants.  He can sue
you if you use his code without following the license.

Releasing code publicly is a service to the community.  It is a pity
that he would choose to hamper the use of his code by putting a
selfish, self-serving license on it.

But it is his rights and I hope everyone obeys them (as with all other
snippets)... because if people start violating licenses, we'll see a
lot less code publicly released since individuals generally can't
fight such things as well as larger corporations.

I'd like to see a nice GPL'd mud, to be honest... though Circle's
license is certainly very generous (and tied down by the Diku license
from antiquity) :)

James Turner     

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