Re: [RELEASE] Wilderness/ASCII Mapping System

From: Fafhrd (fafhrd@LINKMASTER.NET)
Date: 06/18/98

>> PS: The following part of your 'license agreement' is very unreasonable.
>> > 3) You must credit me on the screen displayed when a user first
>> >   to whatever mud this code or the ideas within it are used on.
>Yes, it is unreasonable, but not for particularily for the reasons you
>describe.  The unreasonable part is the last little bit, specifically
>'or the ideas within it are used'.  The reason this is unreasonable is
>as follows:
>  - Ideas are aplenty, and to be honest, I've seen this idea (with
>    similar implementation) two or three times before at the least.
>  - If I look at your code and go 'oh, hey, that's a good idea, but
>    it needs to be changed', and proceed to write everything from
>    scratch according to my new ideas (which may have been based off
>    of your idea, or even the idea of wilderness in general), then
>    a) I'm not using any of your code, and b) I'm using an idea that
>    isn't yours primarily anyway, so at most, you'd get a mention in
>    'credits'.

I also take some offense at that aspect of the license as written, being
as how I wrote the system for Duris (at the time, one of only 3 known), and
am now expanding upon it to the 1000th degree within a circle base.
Former lead coder of Duris
Current license holder of Basternae (although not involved)

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