Re: The members of this list.

From: Kyle Goodwin (vbmasta@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 06/20/98

The spam was not in responce to your post it was in responce to 5 or so
people not wanting to ahere to the license agreement on my code and it
boils down to "It's free no one forces you to use it.  If you don't like
the license don't use it."  That thread was ended a little while ago and if
one of the asses you are refering to is me I apologize it did get out of
hand.  Sorry for the spam.

Kyle Goodwin

From: Christopher Avans <parka@CDC.NET>
Subject:  The members of this list.
Date: Saturday, June 20, 1998 4:23 AM

        I have recently experienced a rash of spam to my mailbox from a
couple of members of this list. This is a turning into a problem of all
cap flames. To be honest I do not have a _clue_ as to why, until it was
pointed out to me that it was spawned in responce to my post about an
aternative to the mapping system. Seems that a circle of friends didnt
liek the fact I presented an alternative to thier system. I ask you and
the admins of this site in helping me stop this barrage of flame/spam mail
to my mailbox. I would hope this stops it if not I would be comforted in
knowing that the admins of this list is willing to not support such
childish efforts.

        Man please this is insane. I have recieved over 20 letters from
this asses in the last hour. Each is increasing in thier rudeness. I know
i have been outspoekn about being more productive towards newbies, that
led to a little back and forth. However in this case I get spammed to
_hell_ for posting a aternative to an idea? Is this not the heart of a
mailing list. The exchange of ideas?

        O well as I said I hope to stay on this list and I hope taht the
admins will not support people who act in such a manner.

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