[pl13] SLASH macro?

Date: 06/23/98

   I have just fininshed patching in pl14 by hand.  It was tedious, but it
actually turned out fine.  I had a few places where mob were using
cha_specials, but those were easy to fix.  I do, hovever; have one question.
   I noticed that the SLASH macro was define in two seperate spots for all
platforms.  Once in db.h and once in sysdep.h.  I of course had a macro
redefinition error, but I just removed the SLASH definition in sysdep.h.  I
figured that was there for a reason as it is different than the one in
db.h(for win), so I wanted to consult the list before I just forget about
   Is there a reason for the two definitions, or should I just remove one?
I should note that I use the single slash definition in db.h and the mud
works fine, so maybe its fine like it is.

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