Re: [NEWBIE][Cygwin32-Compiling]

From: Jason Ziegler (zieglerj@DIGITALIS.NET)
Date: 06/23/98

This is what I did to run CircleMUD bpl13a under Win95 using Cygwin32.
It also worked for bpl12.

        - Download and run cdk.exe

        - Download circle30bpl13a.tar or .zip or .bz2
        - Unzip whichever you download

3.  Before running configure
        - create c:\bin
        - copy sh.exe from Ex. C:\cygnus\b19\h-i386-cygwin32\bin into c:\bin
        - If your going to run bpl13a
                - go into config.c and change char *LOGNAME = NULL; to  Ex. char
*LOGNAME = "log/syslog";
                - go into comm.c and change  FILE *logfile = stderr; to FILE
*logfile = NULL;

4.  If you haven't already, run Ex. C:\cygnus\b19\cygnus.bat

5.  Change directories till you get into Ex. \Circle30bpl13a

6.  Run configure by typing: sh ./configure

7.  When configure is done go into the \src directory and type: make

8.  When make is done go back to Ex. \circle30bpl13a and type: sh
./autorun &

9.  Connect to 4000 and your ready to go.

Most of the credit for getting this to work should go to the mailing

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