Re: Olc Saving w/ ascii pfiles

From: Richard Glover (magik@PYRAMID.NET)
Date: 06/25/98

Go into db.c and modify load_char and save_char to save the olc value.  OLC
is not a stock item, so the author of Ascii Pfiles didn't put that in.

In load_char:
    psds->pref = 0;
    psds->spells_to_learn = 0;
+    psds->olc_zone = 0;
    cpd->gold = 0;
    cpd->bank_gold = 0;

      case 'N':
       if(!strcmp(tag, "Name"))
         strcpy(player->name, line);

+      case 'O':
+        if(!strcmp(tag, "OLC "))
+          psds->olc_zone = num;
+        break;

      case 'P':
       if(!strcmp(tag, "Pass"))

In save_char:
      fprintf(outfile, "Drnk: %d\n", (int)psds->conditions[2]);
    if (psds->spells_to_learn)
      fprintf(outfile, "Lern: %d\n", (int)psds->spells_to_learn);
+    if (psds->olc_zone)
+      fprintf(outfile, "OLC : %d\n", (int)psds->olc_zone);

    /* char_ability_data */
    cad = &(player.abilities);

This may be a little different in Ascii Pfiles v2.0b.  I haven't looked at
that yet.


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From: The Mighty Mighty Bosstone <skaking@HOTMAIL.COM>
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Date: Thursday, June 25, 1998 6:19 AM
Subject:  Olc Saving w/ ascii pfiles

>I have ascii pfiles. I have OasisOLC. When i set a player to olc 8
>and they quit it does not save. So when they log back on they cant edit
>there zone. Can anyone help?

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