Re: [newbie] what the?

From: Richard Glover (magik@PYRAMID.NET)
Date: 06/25/98

Welcome to the list.

Visit the ftp site.  You'll find lots of nice stuff there.  What you are
looking for is in the /olc directory.

George's site is easier to navigate tho, so I'll give you that one:


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From: Daniel Staudt <dstaudt@HOTMAIL.COM>
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Date: Thursday, June 25, 1998 6:48 AM
Subject:  [newbie] what the?

>i'm new to the list and have basically stock Circle 3.0 bpl113.
>one my olc is disabled and was wondering if a complete version is
>somewhere. two what's all this other stuff(mobrogs,dgscripts,etc) on
>theis list?

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