Re: [THREAD] Fairness in Circle WAS: Copyrights, ...

From: The Mighty Mighty Bosstone (skaking@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 06/25/98

>I will say this much, It is fair! If it was not, there would be no
>reason to
>post it and provide it on any site. Yet a lot of snippets are available
>on MANY
>sites. Many players like certain features, it is benificial for
>to post the snippets that the players like so the
>or whomever can install them. Maybe with the attitudes lately we should
>all install linux and develop our own muds, take circlemud code out
>completely. Hell, your using freeware (or whateverware) and adding more
>freeware to it. Is it is fair? Yes.
>How about going back to DOS 5 or 6 and writing your own version of
>Windows 95/98?
>The weakness of the CircleMUD community, IMO is the lack of support for
>the newbie!
>Even if all newbies go out and buy a C book (for beginners), read ALL
>the docs that come with mud, read all the FAQ's, etc... They still will
>not understand it. Even after messing with the code for quite some
>I do have a lot better understanding of what is going on, but I still
>not know how to do a lot of things. The books do not tell me how to do
>it, the code does not tell me how, the docs do not tell me how, and so
>far I have not gotten anyone to show me how either. I quit asking
>because so many out there feel they will write the code for me. Hell..
>never asked anyone to WRITE IT.. I asked for help on HOW to write it.
>Time and time again, you see statements like "I was afraid to ask
>because I am a newbie". They still don't ask.
>You probably think, thats what the newbie list is for. I have not seen
>single message, question, post in a few weeks. I posted my question
>there, and started to get some help, but the person who started to help
>never replied to my last. I think that if most of the people on here
>get rid of this attitude of RTFM/RTFC/RTFFAQ and get rid of the
>attitudes that they will write the code for someone and tell them HOW
>do it vice write it for them, the person asking will LEARN how to write
>the code and in turn will be MORE willing to help the next person down
>the road. Right now more and more are developing the bad attitudes,
>because that is all they get from people on this list. Granted there
>a few on this list that don't fall into this catagory, so if *YOU* do
>not have these attitudes.. do not take it personally! or think that I
>saying *YOU* do.
>One last note:
>For all of you who think it is not fair, I suggest removing circleMUD
>and write your own. I will bet there is only ONE out there that would
>able to do it. A few others would make an attempt at it and give up.
>rest would not even attempt.


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