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From: Jeremy Elson (jelson@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 06/26/98

I'd just like to add to this thread that newbie support is exactly why
the alias exists.  Please use it -- either by
sending newbie questions there *instead* of to this list, or by
offering to be one of the people who reads and responds to mail that
is sent there.

The reason why this list seems so newbie-unfriendly at times is
because a lot of people who are here just don't want to be bothered
helping newbies.  You can't blame them for that.  Frankly, after 6
years of getting mail like "i want to run a k001 mud but what do i do
with this tar file????", I can be pretty tired of newbies too.  The
reason that was created was specifically to match
up newbies with people who don't mind helping newbies.

If more people start using, more newbies will get
help, *and* the list will see fewer newbie questions.  Everyone wins.
Encourage newbies to use that address, and encourge clueful people to
answer questions that have been submitted there.  (If you want to be
one of the responders, please write to George --
his address is


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