Re: [THREAD] Fairness in Circle WAS: Copyrights, ...

From: Stephen Wolfe (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 06/26/98

> ZipMUD?  Never heard of it... but I've never really dug into the muds
> out there, basically I concentrate on one (which can be a drawback
> sometimes; in 6 years I've played seriously on three muds, plus the
> one I'm working on now -- and never more than one at any given time).

ZipMUD is the term for muds that are simply downloaded, unzipped,
compiled, and advertised as a completely 'new' mud..circlemud makes this
easy since it is one of the only mud sources that will compile out of the
box on numerous systems..then there are all of the popular snippets
which makes adding 'new' features a breeze :)

as for newbie support..well..perhpas my view is slanted cause i did/can
teach myself without anyone pointing the way for me, but i think that
most newbie problems are easily solved by reading the available
documentation and a good (or even not so good) c book..perhaps people
should have to read all of the faq's before being allowed to post..

CircleMUD Quiz time, anyone? :)


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