Re: [THREAD] Fairness in Circle WAS: Copyrights, ...

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 06/26/98

James Turner wrote:
> No mud can be built out of snippets and stock code; it takes much
> more than that, as I think most of us realize.  But... it's simply not
> fair to steal code, rip it off, or pass it on to your users as your
> own -- and we all know that happens.  If someone makes code available

I agree on the last part, Your first statement that no mud can be built out
of snippets and stock code. I pointed this out some time ago. ANY WORKING MUD
IS A MUD. You may or may not like playing it. STOCK mud *is* a mud. (FACT)
The success of that mud depends on how much customizing is done. This
building zones as well as coding. A stock mud with heavily modified/added
can do well. As can a stock world with heavily modified code.

> But we need newbies to survive.  But when someone isn't willing to put
> the work in that they ask of you, you must wonder.  A lot of people
> expect those in the know to simply code something for them, or fix all
> their problems.  That is a very wrong attitude.

It is also a very wrong attitude for those who do know how to fix the common
problems, to assume that the newbie has not read a book, code, faq, docs,
I ran across a few problem when I got started in the area of compiling, I had
2 books I used for reference, and the errors I could not figure out. I even
went to several sites that listed errors or had lists like this one. Did a
search and most errors I found what caused them. One or two I was not able to
find. So I asked on here, one response RTFM, the other pointed out my error.
(actually pointed out what would cause it) And I found the problem. I guess
since I was unable to locate an answer on my own, I was blessed by the elite
group and told RTFM.

I would like to thank all of those people on this list who take the time to
point the newbies in the right direction. Instead of RTFM, they post things
like "You can probably find answers to your question in the ???? code, ????'s
web page, etc.."

Responses like those do two things:
1. Get the newbie to understand how to find his answers.
2. When that newbie finds his answer and gets more experience at coding, he
in return will do the same to the next newbie.

> If you don't know basic C syntax, don't understand declarations,
> prototypes, basic functions, and structures, then you shouldn't be
> admining a Circlemud.  You need to find someone who does to handle the

ACK! Again, another person who thinks ADMIN and CODING are one in the same?

> code end of it.  There are exceptions, but I personally am a whole lot
> more willing to help someone if it is clear they've put an effort into
> first helping themselves.  Another thing to watch for is if they
> follow up on your response and ask intelligent questions that are
> aimed not at fixing their immediate problem but at learning what their
> current problem is caused by and fixing it from there.


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