Re: [THREAD] Fairness in Circle [*ouch*]

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 06/26/98

1) Stupid thread.

2) If I haven't said it before, anyone using my code can erase my name
from the comments (i actually don't think I put my name in there, but
hey, just in case), and take credit for it yourself. I don't do it for
nothing but fun. Not that I have much out there of value, but still.

3) This list isn't bad at all. Personally, I answer every message I can,
that hasn't been answered already. If its remedial (ie, requring c coding
skills and not relevant directly to circle) I'll answer with direct mail.
Of course, I know nothing about win95 and the like, but otherwise, I'd
have to say that about 90% of the messages here get answered, and pretty
quickly too.

> >
> > Lack of support?  I don't feel that I'm stretching when I say that the
> > CircleMUD community is one of the most newbie friendly coding communities
> > that there are.  It's just that newbies need to do some work on their end,
> > too.
> Yea right! most friendly newbie coding community my arse! Way to many times I
> see RTFM, etc.. instead of trying to teach the Newbie how to find his own
> answers!
        And the simple fact of the matter is that this 'community' is
friendly to a point. Crying 'wolf' every time only works for a while, and
then it gets annoying. It's not a supported program, or one backed by a
paid tech-support staff, its free. Its a hobby.  And while everyone likes
getting others interested in their hobby, no one likes to do their hobby
for them.  Most people on the list are self taught, and they know
everyones capable of doing it for them selves.
        Believe it or not, Read-the-fucking-manual usually _DOES_ solve
the problem. Apparently, people still don't do it.

        Besides, most of the messages on the list that recieve the
four-letter-acronyms are repeat-offenders, and usually have disregarded
common sense .. half of the replies on here begin 'Well, I seem to have
misplaced my crystal ball', because someone hasn't posted enough
information. The ones left over are people trying to code, without having
an idea of how to actually do it.

        And you know what?

                People answer their messages anyway.

        So, switch to decaf, or get one of those little back massage
rubbing thingees, and drop the thread if possible (i know its hard to let

Oh, and no, you don't have to be an admin to code.  But it
is hard to admin without it.
BigAdminGod gossips, 'Okay, no one look at boards, or write mail, or cast
'ice storm'! It will crash the mud!'

BigCodeGod gossips, 'Well, I'm on vacation - be back in two weeks.'

BigAdminGod gossips, 'Argh!'
  And yes, this type of thing happens alot even when you're only making
cosmetic changes and not actually coding.


P.S. For those of you who saw the Oasis Path editor thing I kludged
together, i'm reqriting a bit of it now, and re-organizing it, cause its a
mess.  I'll have that next version out very soon, just haven't had a lot
of time lately.

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