[Long] Misc Bugs of Circle 3.0/13a

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 06/27/98

        Note the following message was sent both to the mailing list and the bugs
address. I have been going through bpl13a while porting my old realm to the
newer code. I figured this would be good practice for me to get used to
taking on a task like this. Anyway, what you will see below is a list of
bugs, typos, etc from bpl13a. I have included the fixes that I made for
them. If there is a better way to fix something than the way I provided,
please let me know where as I am always looking to advance my coding
knowledge. One last note, some of this may have already been covered
before, I apoliguise if any of this is redundant.

1). Where as this has been covered extensively, I will only mention it
briefly, where as I know it was already taken care of. In sysdep.h remove
the define for the SLASH macro.

2). In the lib\etc directory, the file for banned sites is missing. The
simplest fix is to simple create a blank file called "badsites" in that
directory. That should fix the error and allow everything to work fine.

3). In act.comm.c the whisper/ask command sends an extra line when used.
The command simple has an \r\n that it doesn't need. To fix the display for
my liking I simply removed the \r\n that was extra.

4). In act.offensive.c and act.other.c the skills within these files do not
check to make sure that the player knows of the skills or has knowledge in
using them. I merely added this check to fix the problem.

  one_argument(argument, buf);

+ {
+   {
+     send_to_char("You have no idea how.\r\n", ch);
+     return;
+   }
+ }
  if (!(vict = get_char_room_vis(ch, buf))) {

        Note that you will need to change the SKILL_ to the skill you are adding
this check for, and if you wanted to get fancy you could add a different
message depending on the skill. The check for LVL_IMMORT is semi-redundant,
but I added it in just the same. Some of these skills in the two files
already have checks to make sure you are the proper class (i.e., kick) and
I removed those checks and replaced it with the above. I am sure you get
the idea.

5). The strength bug that was mentioned earlier on the list. Where as this
was already covered I'll be brief. To fix it, go into magic.c and add an if
check to see if the player has STRADD = 100, if they do, have it return
accum affect as false, if it is less than 100, have it return true. Note,
this is an avoidance, not a true code fix.

6). Already sent to the list, the give command in act.item.c needs a check
for 1 gold coin, yadda, yadda, yadda. Check the archives for the patch
George sent to the list fix this display error.

7). In act.wizard.c "extern char *class_abbrevs[];" is in there twice. Do a
search for it and remove the redundant one.

8). In the messages file in the lib\misc directory one of the miss messages
for attacking someone when using a thrashing weapon is checking for the
gender of the attacker, rather than the victim. Change the $m to $M.

        Thats all, not sure if that helps any, there was nothing too important,
but I thought I would send what I found. Thanks for your time.

- Lord Kyu -

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