Re: triggers not saving

From: Stephen Wolfe (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 06/28/98

> >.  When I  tried tedit save 12, it told me that  it forgot what I wanted
> >to save (ie, it didnt want to)

this may actually have something to with do_olc not having a type case for
trigedit..look at do_olc, the part that looks like this:

    switch (subcmd) {
      case SCMD_OLC_HEDIT: type = "help"; break;
      case SCMD_OLC_REDIT: type = "room"; break;
      case SCMD_OLC_ZEDIT: type = "zone"; break;
      case SCMD_OLC_SEDIT: type = "shop"; break;
      case SCMD_OLC_MEDIT: type = "mobile"; break;
      case SCMD_OLC_OEDIT: type = "object"; break;
      if (!type) {
        send_to_char("Oops, I forgot what you wanted to save.\r\n", ch);

make sure that you have a case for trigedit in there..


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