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From: John Evans (evansj@DATAWEST.NET)
Date: 06/28/98

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, I Chose No Name wrote:

> I was wondering how you would go about hosting a MUD on win95? I am aware that
> apparently you can't do it with AOL, but is there any easy way to do it? a
> perm. addy would be great, but even some sort of temp. ip addy would be cool
> too, just to let my friends and ppl access it...any (simple) ways to do this?

Wow. You're so new you're shoes squeak.

Just run the program once you get it compiled. It will open up the port
and allow people to telnet into the MUD. So long as you're not behind a
firewall or router that prevents people from telnetting to your machine,
then you can host your own MUD.

If you're trully serious about wanting others to have access to your MUD,
go find a MUD hosting service to run your MUD on. That way you have a
steady IP, access to email and web accts. (on some), and you know that the
MUD will be there for others even if you are not online.

I have checked out most (if not all) of the services available on the
Internet, and the one that suited my needs best at the best price was
GatorNet. Check them out at:

PS: No. I get no kickback or any other payment from Blue for suggesting
his service. The reason I do it is because he's a kick-ass admin and
provides a wonderful deal on his services.

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