Re: [ASCII 2.0b] More bugs

From: Richard Glover (magik@PYRAMID.NET)
Date: 06/29/98

I actually had more problems than it seems you are having.  I run on a BSD
system.  I'm used to hand-patching everything (except olc, I'm not stupid
8-P) and got down to db.c's changes and already found a couple useless
things in it.  It creates a new conf.h and a new Makefile.os2.  The os2 file
might be necessary, but a little too lengthy (and is somewhat fixed in the
cvs's patch).

The patch didn't seem to support the older version of ascii pfiles too well,
so I decided to see what the code looked like after a fresh install on 13a.
It went thru with no .rej files, but it created a new conf.h in my mud's
root directory, along with diskio.c, diskio.h, pfdefaults.h there too.  The
conf.h shouldn't have been created in the first place since the author has
you run ./configure again anyways.  It's just a little glitch in the patch
is all.  Anyways, I moved the diskio.c and others to the /src directory, ran
./configure in the root directory and then tried to make in the /src
directory and got this error:

diskio.c: In function `fbopen_for_read':
diskio.c:144: structure has no member named `_fileno'
diskio.c: In function `fbcat':
diskio.c:324: structure has no member named `_fileno'
*** Error code 1

This looks like just a problem with me using BSD.  Oh well...where there's a
whip there's a way!


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From: The Fractal Dimension Staff <fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM>
To: <>
Date: Monday, June 29, 1998 7:34 AM
Subject:  [ASCII 2.0b] More bugs

The char_file_u replacements in act.wizard.c now crash.  Error
messages from debugger point to ch->affs = NULL statement in

Any ideas?

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